Train Access Information

●From Central Tokyo
Ikebukuro Station : Direct
Tobu Tojo Line : Approximately 30 minutes
Please take the Rapid, Express or Semi-Express train. 

Shinjuku Station : Direct
JR Saikyo Line : Approximately 60 minutes.
Please take the JR Saikyo Line Rapid bound for Kawagoe.

Ginza Station or Tokyo Station : One transfer
Approximately 60 minutes.
Ginza Station and Tokyo Station
⇓ Please take Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line train bound for Ikebukuro.
Ikebukuro Station
⇓    Please transfer to Tobu Tojo Line. (Rapid, Express or Semi-Express train)
Kawagoe Station
●From Central Saitama
Omiya Station : Direct
JR Kawagoe Line : Approximately 25 minutes